Stage 6 – Recap

7. Januar 2006

Listen to todays Audio Update from Dirk (German)

Mark Miller and Dirk von Zitzewitz during stage 6 of the 2006 Dakar „This is day one in Mauretanien. It was hard as we where in the lead group. Finding the correct route wasn’t the main concern, but smoothening it in the camegras sections. We practicaly laid a smooth path for our competition. Vehicle by vehicle the route became faster and smoother. Then later after the stage you compare times of the vehicle that followed us and realize that their stage time is faster then ours. It’s frustrating „ok, tomorrow we will take the field from the back, that will even things out“ Otherwise we had a quite uneventfull day. Relaxing and right on schedule just not as fast as we expected.“

Andy Schulz head similar remarks after the stage:
„The new regulations make the co-drivers job more difficult. I personally don’t think the new rules are fair, because the team entering the stage first is disadvantaged through the difficult navigation. On the other hand, the following drivers can use the dust clouds and tracks for orientation and can drive faster as a result and do not run such a high risk of making mistakes. So, the drivers in the midfield have an advantage. The best tactics under the new rules are to run in midfield and try not to win any stages.”

#309 – Mark Miller (USA), 10th place (leg) / 7th position overall
„We’ve lost a little ground, because I drove slower after a dangerous jump. The rear came up very high when we drove too quickly over a dune. Today we saw just how difficult the navigation is when you start second.”

Dakar 2006

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