Stage 10 – recap

11. Januar 2006

#309 – Mark Miller (USA), 4th place (leg) / 6th position overall
„The tracks were really narrow. In one place I tore off the wing mirror on the co-driver’s side. We stopped briefly to check on Giniel. The road book was very ambiguous today, but we didn’t get lost.“

Audio Update from Mark Miller

Audio Update from Dirk von Zitzewitz (German)

Summary of Dirks call: It was a quite and uneventful day. Mark and Dirk passed Bruno and Michél then Alphand who crashed into a tree yesterday and had to make repairs. They also passed Giniel and Tina and then had to drive in other vehicles thick dust. The course was hard and worn out and made for a tough drive. Again the roadbook had errors.

Dirk was in a good relaxed mode in his call-in today. Its amazing the shape Mark and Dirk are in and it takes a strong person to still be up for it. They also lost a mirror upon tree contact to Dirks amusement.

Stage 9 was bad for them as they got lost and wasted some time.

Mark Millers friend and race partner in the USA Ryan Arciero wrote a nice analysis on in regards to Stage 10 and 11.

After Stage 10
Pos., Team, Vehicle, Stage 10, Total time
1. Stéphane Peterhansel/Jean-P. Cottret (F/F), Mitsubishi Pajero Evolution; 3:33:32 hrs. (3.) 38:09.58 hrs.
2. Luc Alphand/Gilles Picard (F/F), Mitsubishi Pajero Evolution; 4:04:20 hrs. (15.) + 40:04 min.
3. Giniel de Villiers/Tina Thörner (RSA/S), Volkswagen Race Touareg 2; 3:42:33 hrs. (8.) + 1:03:17 hrs.
4. Nani Roma/Henri Magne (E/F), Mitsubishi Pajero Evolution; 3:32:42 hrs. (2.) + 1:35:24 hrs.
5. Jutta Kleinschmidt/Fabrizia Pons (D/I), Volkswagen Race Touareg 2; 3:36:40 hrs. (5.) + 1:59:32 hrs.
6. Mark Miller/Dirk von Zitzewitz (USA/D), Volkswagen Race Touareg 2; 3:35:22 hrs. (4.) + 3:21:02 hrs.
7. Jean-L. Schlesser/François Borsotto (F/F), Schlesser-Ford; 3:38:15 hrs. (6.) + 4:00:26 hrs.
8. Carlos Sousa/Jean-Marie Lurquin (P/B), Nissan Pick-up; 3:39:57 hrs. (7.) + 5:14:56 hrs.
9. Bruno Saby/Michel Périn (F/F), Volkswagen Race Touareg 2; 3:54:27 hrs. (11.) + 8:35:30 hrs.
10. Guerlain Chicherit/Matthieu Baumel (F/F), BMW X3; 3:48:29 hrs. (9.) + 8:40:32 hrs.

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