Mark Miller’s call in after Stage 1

7. Januar 2007

Hey! It’s Mark checking in from Portimao in southern Portugal. I just got back to the hotel after finishing the first stage of The Dakar. Everything went pretty well, no real big issues. The track was sandy and “whooped out” and a lot like the pine forest in the Baja 500 last year except for more “whoopty dos”(moguls) and sand I would say. But it was a good stage, really didn’t press and didn’t make any mistakes and it looks like we finished 5th. So, for the first stage everything went almost perfectly. The fans (spectators) were unbelievable, (they were) lining the course for, I don’t know for like 20 miles. Truly, truly unbelievable how many people showed up and how crazy they were and how close to the course and on the course, it definitely was sketchy. Anyway, we made it to service and they went over the whole car and replaced everything you would normally replace. Everything is looking good for tomorrow. Tomorrow is going to be a short stage and then on to the boat. So, I will try to report in after tomorrow’s stage. Thanks, Bye.

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