Mark Miller Call in from Stage 9

16. Januar 2007

Hey it’s Mark calling in! I just finished the second stage, or ah the second half of the marathon stage from Tichit to Nema. I started fifth today and everything went really great this morning. Had a great race, got through most of the traffic and actually at one point was leading the stage by four or five minuets, and then Carlos had a problem and I had to stop and spend about one half of an hour trying to help him fix his car. Unfortunately that was a bummer for me today as it was a really good chance for me of winning a stage of the rally today, but that’s the way it goes. You have to be a good team mate and Carlos had a big problem. So before that, we had an epic battle. Hopefully you guys will watch it on TV because Luc Alphonse and Carlos and I went through the dunes together completely WFO. It was just crazy, I mean really crazy! Carlos and I went back and forth and then Carlos passed Luc and I was behind him. Just before the very last section of the dunes I passed Luc. Then Carlos and I checked out right up (laughs) right up until Carlos had his problem right about 325 km into the 500km stage. But that is racing and that is Dakar.


Giniel had a tough day today. I don’t know, we don’t even know, I stopped for him early on, we had just got by Peterhansel and Giniel was parked. And we stopped and they though they had burned a turbo or something and there was nothing we could do to help them so we just carried on. So anyway, that is the report. The faces are not too happy in the Volkswagen camp today with Carlos and Giniel, but you know we are going to fight every day until the end. I am definitely going to fight. I should be setting in a podium position right now had I not stopped for Carlos today. We aught to be able to pick up 30 minuets by the finish. We are on the pace at least and if not, we are the fastest car out there so keep the faith and keep checking in and hopefully I’ll have some good news for you, take care.

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