Toyota Dakar Service

11. Dezember 2011

„The team´s experience in matters of assistance service made it also become the logistic manager for the Official team TOYOTA IMPERIAL, where the South African Dakar Winner of 2010, Giniel de Villiers (Nº 301) takes part, with his loyal co-driver Dirk Von Zitzewitz (DE), and the South Africa crew composed by Duncan Vos & Robert Howie (Nº313).“


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Two assistance trucks (T5) will wear the colors of VOLKSWAGEN AMAROK OVERDRIVE with two pick-ups built in the Belgian workshops that will be driven by Leonid Ogorodnikov, with Vladimir Dimitriev (Nº332) and Adrian Yacopini, the biggest Volkswagen retailer in Argentina, with Alfredo Jeanisch as his co-driver (Nº354).
OVERDRIVE RACING Team is composed by 59 people, two race trucks T4, three assistance trucks T5 TOYOTA OVERDRIVE, two assistance trucks T5 AMAROK OVERDRIVE, six cars for the team and two press cars.

OVERDRIVE RACING begins in 2006 supplying tubular chassis equipped with engine, gear box and transmission over which they could build a car body on demand. Then, twelve pick-ups built in the Belgian factory were sold throughout the world and keep showing off the know-how of OVERDRIVE RACING in rally-raid races.
Two assistance trucks AMAROK OVERDRIVE will also have the mission of assisting clients that run with previous Overdrive Nissan vehicles, with Brazilian driver Jean de Azevedo among them, who has all the chances to be well positioned at the finish of the Dakar 2012.

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