Stage 6

5. Januar 2006

What to expect tomorrow?
During a phone call with Dirk, who by the way said hello to everyone on this blog, we learned a bit about the next stage:
It will be very fast, there are lots of „offroad“ sections, meaning driving in the desert without any roads. The main and only navigation will be the compass. Navigation will be extremely hard especially if you are in the lead. According to Dirk the 6th or 7th started has the best seat in the house. (DE VILLIERS / THORNER und KLEINSCHMIDT / PONS) Yet he is still happy about the nice outcome today.

Tomorrows missions is to keep speeds fast enough to keep the lead but also not to destroy it. Last year this is where Robby Gordon and Dirk crashed. Jutta Kleinschmidt and Fabricia Pons almost fell victim and Collin McRae had his share. sums up tomorrows stage as follows: „Southbound – The hours of sleep stored up from previous stages will be an asset when tackling this long road. The long liaison to the start of the special will take place at night, in conditions which require maximum vigilance. The first part of the sector counting towards classification will be fought out over a wide, fast track, before taking on a much sandier stretch halfway through the special.“

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