Robby Gordon Dakar 2006

19. August 2005

Wir haben ja schon aus der Volkswagen Pressemitteilung erfahren, dass Robby Gordon in diesem Jahr vermutlich nicht für Volkswagen Motorsport an der Dakar teilnehmen wird.

Thom Wilder (einer der unermüdlichen Kommentatoren im Dakar Weblog aus diesem Winter) hat Robby letzte Woche bei einem Rennen ausfindig gemacht. Hier sein Bericht und die News von Robbys Plänen. Dabei ist eine exklusive Meldung, die zuerst hier im Dakar Weblog veröffentlich wird.

I just returned from New York State, I was at Watkins Glen for the Grand-Am and NASCAR and Busch races, doing some work there. (Robby had a great weekend and finished 2nd in two races, BTW.)

Good news: I had high security clearance for this event, so I went and found Robby, near his sponsor’s hospitality area, and talked to him for a few minutes about his Dakar plans, 1 on 1. It was a thrill. I believe we are the first to have this information, it has not been published anywhere, as the deal is not 100% final:

He will be doing Dakar with a new Hummer sponsorship from GM, using 2 all carbon-fiber purpose-built special Hummers, under development now.


They are hiring some experienced Frenchmen for navigators (I don’t know exactly who), and the second car’s driver is not yet decided. (It was published earlier in May that Robby asked Lance Armstrong to do Dakar with him, (!) but I don’t think that will happen. You never know though.)

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