Mark Miller call-in „Stage-3“

9. Januar 2007

Hey! Its Mark calling in from Ariquada (?).  We just finished the stage, actually we just left service.  Everything went pretty good.  We started way back today, was hoping to start in the top ten today, but it didn’t work out, I started 14th, so I had to fight through the dust.  I lost about 4 minuets to the first check point trying to get through some cars   things seemed to open up a little bit but still had to pass 100 bikes today.  It was pretty brutal, but all the cars had the same problems passing the bikes.  But I ended up 5th on the stage so you know everything is going as planned and the car is in great shape and all the guys are happy.  So, I’ll try to give you a call tomorrow, we start in Zquid (?)  tomorrow morning.  It is just crazy right now in Africa, people everywhere, pandemonium, anyway hopefully things will mellow out a little as we get further south.  Thanks for checking in, I did my best today, considering the situation, I think it was OK.  I’ll call in tomorrow and hopefully everything will be good.  Thanks, bye,

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