Baja Portugal 2005 / Baja Portalegre

8. November 2005

The Rally Baja-Portalegre turned out to be an important test for Mark Miller, Dirk Zitzewitz and the entire Volkswagen team. Heavy rain turned the event into a mud fest.

#310 – Mark Miller (USA), 8th position: “ I am happy with the results of my first stage in the Race-Touarage. I am impressed with my Co-driver Dirk as he read the 6.3km stage notes of his head without reading any notes.

Damaged DoorThis skills have helped Dirk during the hardest stage of the Baja-Portalegre race. After kilometer 60 he had to hold the passenger door after a crash, clean the fogging windshield and obviously read race notes. Nobody wants to do such a job during poring rain for 100 kilometers. You can see the open door when we zoomed into the attached photo.

Mark and Dirk still scored 6th overall place. Obviously they are not fully happy with 6th place but considering the circumstances it’s an ok result.

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